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Newsletter Subscriber FAQ

Common Problems in Newsletter Subscriber

First of all, thank you for using Newsletter Subscriber (Free version).

Question: How is NS used?


NS is used as a module or a plugin to include a simple "Subscribe" form in your site. Its main functionality is to send you a notification message, that you have a subscriber. The subscriber data is only included in the notification email, and optionally saved in a mailing list text file.

Question: I installed NS. Now what?


If you installed the plugin version, you should go to the Plugin Manager and enable the plugin. It's named Content - Newsletter Subscriber.

If you installed the module version, you should go to the Module Manager and enable the module. It's name is Newsletter Subscriber.

Question: How to include the Plugin version in an article?


By writing {newsletter_subscriber} . The form will appear in the Front-End, if you have the plugin enabled.

Question: I get an error which says: No recipient specified. Or an error which says: Mail Recipient is specified as email@email.com.


This error is designed to prevent you from loosing your subscriber notifications. You just need to go to the plugin/module parameters,

and change the Mail Recipient parameter to your email.

Question: I get an error which says: fopen(mailing_list.txt) ......


This error is generated when the mailing list text file cannot be opened, or created due to permission issues. You have three options:

  1. Select not to save the file, in the plugin/module parameters.
  2. Choose a different file path, either absolute, or starting from the root of your site. (NOTE: Remember that a path is not a URL.)
  3. Allow write permissions in the directory that the file is trying to be used. By default, this is the root directory of your site.

Question: I get an error saying: Could not instantiate Mail Function.


This error indicates that you have either:

  1. Not set the Joomla! Mail Settings of your site, or
  2. Not set the correct Mail From parameters in the plugin/module parameters.

For help on setting the Joomla! Mail Settings, click here.

Question: I have no errors, but I get no email.


That's kind of complicated. You have one of the following problems:

  1. Same as the above question, you haven't configured something, but your template doesn't show errors.
  2. NS posts in a page that doesn't have the module or plugin respectively to receive the data and send the message.
  3. If you're using a Fixed URL, check whether or not you have NS in the target page.
  4. If you get an empty page, this means that you should turn Disable HTTPS parameter to Yes.

For anything not included here, please do not hesitate to contact me.