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Code Piece FAQ

Common Problems in Code Piece

First of all, thank you for using Code Piece.

Question: How is Code Piece used?


Code Piece is used to include custom HTML in articles, without the Editor filtering. By writing {*codepiece id*} (without the stars * ) and replacing the id, with the desired id of your "code piece", this special tag is replaced with the HTML you have written in the Component.

Question: Can I include PHP?


No, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe by customizing the code a bit, but not as it is.

Question: Where do I write my HTML snippets?


Code Piece is an extension split in two parts, both necessary for the extension usage. The Component, and the Plugin.

The Plugin is used to replace the codepiece tag in the articles, and the Component is used to keep the HTML snippets.

You can access the component, under the Components menu of your site's Administrator.

Thanks for reading. If there's anything not covered here that you might want to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me!